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We are thrilled to have won 21 Gold Stars across 11 products we entered in the Great Taste awards 2019, 2020 and 2021. We are particularly proud of our Wasabi Mustard, Sanbaizu, Vegan Sudachi Kombu Ponzu and Organic White Sesame Oil each winning the coveted award of 3 Gold Stars.

The whole range is made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with original flavours bursting with aroma, pungency, citrus and above all umami. Wasabi mayonnaise and mustard are made with our own fresh wasabi, grown on our Dorset and Hampshire farms. These are wonderfully moreish and versatile with the authentic flavour of real wasabi. The exotic flavour of Japanese citrus yuzu combines spectacularly well with traditional mayo and mustard, whilst the Yuzu Jam is a fresh take on traditional marmalade.

The rest of the range contains premium quality, authentically made Japanese ingredients that allow home cooks a short cut to the essence of Japanese cuisine:

Our own Wasabi Powder with a market busting 20% real wasabi, Organic soy sauce aged in cedar casks, Yuzu soy sauce delivering a tart counterpoint to the rich soy, Sudachi Kombu Ponzu – a traditional but vegan ponzu sauce and Sanbaizu rice vinegar naturally flavoured with umami. The range also includes Wasabi Tartare Sauce to take your fish n chips to the next level, along with a selection of delicious VEGAN Mayonnaises including Wasabi, Yuzu & Miso mayos.

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Brand Values

  • Finest Quality Wasabi
  • Award Winning
  • Natural Ingredients

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