About Us

Marcus formed the Artisan Food Club in 2012 to search out exciting new artisan food and drink brands. 

Marcus knew that, across the UK, there were thousands of delicious products being made by talented artisan producers. Whilst the quality of the products couldn’t be questioned, they were untested beyond the farmers market, and were being overlooked by traditional wholesalers, who were only able to work with brands that had a proven sales background.

This situation didn’t benefit anyone…independent retailers were stuck selling the same products as the shop down the road; for the customer, the shopping experience was lacking, and many artisans would go out of business as they struggled to grow their propositions.

Over the next few years Marcus worked closely with independent retailers, to enable them to try these exciting new brands risk free. Feedback was positive as retailers saw footfall and basket spend grow, consumers lapped up all the exciting new brands and flavours, and the artisans working with Marcus, saw their weekend passions grow into sustainable businesses.

Ten years on and Marcus still gets out of bed with the same drive and hunger as in 2012, only now Marcus has been joined by a talented team that share his knowledge and genuine love for the sector.

If you are a retailer or producer and you are looking to increase your basket spend, or grow your artisan business, then give Marcus a call… even if you don’t sign up, I guarantee that you will end the call feeling a little bit better about the world.

Call Marcus on 07971270299

Email: [email protected]