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When Marcus set up the Artisan Food Club in 2012, it was driven by his passion to help retailers create a point of difference, by helping them access exciting new artisan food companies from across the UK.

The Artisan Food Club is a small team, staying true to the artisan ethos of small independents selling with passion. We provide a range of unique hand-picked products and brands that both enhance the customers shopping experience, and increase basket spend.

Unlike the new global ‘mega platforms’, we don’t offer free returns (why take up valuable shelf and storeroom space with products that don’t sell, only to then waste time sending them back). We take away the risk of trying new products by offering smaller initial minimum orders to ensure that retailers are never left with costly unsold stock.

Think of the Artisan Food Club as a member of your team, focused on helping you source new products that will make your store stand out in your local community.

Over the coming months the Artisan Food Club will be launching a range ground-breaking of new initiatives aimed at raising awareness and increasing footfall.

Sign up now to be part of this exciting new journey!

If you would like more information, please contact Marcus

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0797 127 0299



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