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When you sign up to the Artisan Food Club you are joining an extensive network of friendly small to medium sized food & drink businesses and gaining access to an ever-growing list of national and international retailers.

Marcus and the food club team have many years of experience across the retail sector (independents and prestige retailers), wholesale distribution, food production, sales and brand management.

The Artisan Food Club makes it easier for retailers and food producers to work together, introducing interesting food brands, like yours, to a wider audience and overcoming the hurdles which can hinder the process of getting new products onto shelves.

The Artisan Food Club is  working with brands on a range of exciting new initiatives, that we believe, will both increase brand visibility and accelerate growth. 

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Tel: 0797 127 0299

What Retailers say about the Artisan Food Club.

“Marcus and his team are extremely helpful in finding exciting new products that sell well” – Georgina, Garson’s Farm Shop.

“The Artisan Food Club is good for brands, good for shops and good for the food world” – Tim, Two Peas in a Pod.

“Marcus redefines one-to-one engagement and I have huge faith in anything Marcus recommends” – Ibrahim, Harvest N16

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