SORSO - a Story of Traditional-Styled Deliciousness Here in the UK

SORSO began in a London home with a family kitchen, where Sandra used to create her very own traditional-inspired sauces in small batches over the weekends, in preparation for meals during the week ahead.

Sandra’s family devoured the freshly prepared sauces (with lots of different types of pasta) over bustling family dinners where everyone would discuss their days all while enjoying a wholly nutritious, extraordinarily delicious meal.

Today, SORSO products don’t just include pasta sauces, there are also concentrated pastes and lip-smacking Gazpachos – all designed The SORSO Way, for food that makes your tastebuds dance!

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Brand Values

  • Handmade
  • Small Batch
  • Free from Artificial Ingredients

Products from SORSO

MOQ £120.00 (£60.00 1st Order)

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