Snowdon Craft Beer

We offer a wide range of beers, including our Snowdon Craft Lager, popular throughout the region, best bitters, and high hopped IPAs.

Although we’re only small we strive to offer the consistency and quality of the national producers but with the unique branding, personality, and character of a local brewery.

Snowdon Craft Beer was born with the goal of producing high quality beer with a clear regional identity and a modern outlook on society and the role that a modern brewery and its beers can play within it.

Our current business is on a path to achieving this goal, and we’re still in the transitional process of making it happen. So, please, join us on our adventure and be part of our ever-growing group of followers and advocates. We’re here to Explore, Taste, Share.

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Brand Values

  • Small Batch
  • Handmade
  • Finest Ingredients

Products from Snowdon Craft Beer

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