My name is Panos. I was born into a farming family, raised on the mountainous slopes of a remote village in the Peloponnese, in the shade of olive groves. My family has been farming olives for over four generations. We are planters, pickers, and producers. A family that knows only the finest quality.

The word SkapEti derives from the original name of my ancestral village, home to our Single Estate olive farm. On the slopes of the mountain, overlooking the sea, our estate provides ideal conditions for impeccable quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Myth has it, SkapEti means Pinnacle – most fitting for our product.

SkapEti Olive oil is rich and earthy in flavour, and I am sure that you and your customers will enjoy our range.

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Brand Values

  • Single Estate
  • Award-Winning
  • Family Business

Products from SkapEti

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