Sabor de Amor

In 2014 we started our family business ‘Sabor de Amor’ - Taste of Love. It really sums up the essence of Spanish food; sharing great food with the ones you love.

In 1955 my great-grandparents opened their own restaurant in the beautiful city of Salamanca, Spain, 'Restaurante Roma'. It became a real family business where everyone had their own role. My great-grandad Matias took care of the cellar and he was a real wine connoisseur, while my great-grandmother Teresa was the Chef. It would be packed at anytime of the day: breakfast, tapas, lunch and dinner. A very popular place where people came to enjoy some of the finest food that my grandma Teresa cooked, She won many prizes for her food none more famous than her “Chanfaina” a typical Salamanca dish consisting of cuts of lamb and rice. It was such a famous restaurant that you could find famous actors, singers and poets all enjoying the atmosphere and food of “El Roma”. Fortunate enough to have had these amazing cooks in our family, we are even more fortunate that many of the recipes were passed down to us scribbled on the back of letters and receipts.

Looking back now, maybe everything was pointing at us to start a business that would share the flavours of Spain. We thought back to the countless Paellas we had made for family and friends, and realised that if we could bottle up something that would allow anyone to be able to make a perfect Paella in a few simple steps, it would be huge hit.

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Brand Values

  • Traditional Recipes
  • Family Owned

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