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Puro Mediterraneo was born in the extreme hermitage of Apulia, in a wild and rugged land that has grown to become the generous garden it is today thanks to the bare-hands work carried out by our ancestors.

The olive tree in these lands is not easy to cultivate but this task built a civilisation and a style of life. Here, the times of the olive tree have, for centuries, marked the times of man. The olive tree has been the reason of life for our family for generations, not only the means of support, but also the pivot around which the relationships of love, friendship and conviviality are born and cultivated.

Puro Mediterraneo is an olive oil, but it is also a synthesis of all of this. Tasting Puro Mediterraneo allows you to experience this heritage and enjoy a true and frank product like the people of this land.

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Brand Values

  • Traditional Values
  • Family Business

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