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After a successful 25-year career running his own marketing company in the UK Pat felt that time to refocus his energies and follow his passion whilst, taking time out to be with his father in Guyana. The only English-speaking country in South America, with a completely unique culture and an exciting blend of Amerindian, Black African, East Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and European influences. Pat found himself visiting the local markets regularly, picking up fresh produce and the chilli’s that grow solely in Guyana. Making dishes with these amazing peppers, Pat was inspired to create a range of sauces that celebrate the dazzling Guyanese cuisine. This cultural blend provided the frame work for a distinct and unique Guyanese cuisine centred around the WIRI WIRI chili pepper also known as the "Guyana Chili" or the "Flava Chili". WIRI WIRI is nicknamed the Flava Chili for good reason, as an essential ingredient in Guyanese cuisine which is vibrant, exciting and adds something that makes it distinctly different to on traditional Caribbean cooking. Over the last 5 years Pat has been working tirelessly developing and perfecting this first range of Pat & Pinkys Hot Sauces. It is Pat’s belief that these sauces can shine a light on the unique culture of his homeland whilst also supporting local farmers and the economy.

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