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TRANSFORM YOUR EVERYDAY MEAL INTO SOMETHING TRULY SPECIAL! Meet Nojo, a B-Corp certified company, creating delicious cooking sauces with a sustainable ethos at its heart.

Each sauce is packed full of flavour and plant-based ingredients, the six-strong selection allows for a taste-bud tingling, cheek-wiping dinner every day of the week.

NO ADDITIVES OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS. We use only the best ingredients, such as naturally brewed tamari and A-grade maple syrup. PLANT POWERED AND PLASTIC FREE we only use plant-based ingredients to make our delicious vegan recipes and we always look for the most environmentally friendly way to produce, package and transport our products.

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Brand Values

  • B Corp
  • Vegan
  • Plastic Free
  • Additive Free
  • Plant Powered

Products from NOJO London

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