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Way back in 1909 Reginald Ames began sourcing and blending fine tea for the Great British public. It’s likely you have enjoyed a cup of our superb tea without knowing it, as we’ve never been so bold as to put our name to our creations. Now the secret is out as we are proud to bring you Mr. Ames. Our knowledge has been brewing for over 100 years and you’ll be able to taste it. Hand-packing tea in Kent provides jobs in the community. But Mr. Ames is most proud of our commitment to ethical sourcing of ingredients from caring growers all around the world, with a keen eye on sustainability. Every sip of Mr. Ames tea will enliven your taste buds and earn you planet brownie points Ethical sourcing is only the beginning. Mr. Ames tea comes in pyramids that are 100% compostable and even the packaging is recyclable. You’ll notice we haven’t added daft strings and fiddly labels to every pyramid…that’s just not planet friendly. The flavour really is what counts.

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Brand Values

  • Ethical
  • Community Focused

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