Lunn Desert Salt

Deep beneath the glistering hot sands of the Thar desert in India, lies large pools of water from when the rare rain arrives during the monsoon season. As the water seeps down, it combines with the mineral rich salt to form thick saline mixture. This mixture is pumped up and left to dry in the salt pans creating the Lunn desert salt which is rich in minerals and free from micro plastics and toxins.

Created by the energies the earth and sun, Lunn salt comes in two harvests winter harvest gives sparking white salt crystals and the summer harvest gives us tanned salt crystals. Lunn salts are vegan friendly, natural, hand harvested mild desert salt which are enriched in vital minerals and free from anti caking agents.

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Brand Values

  • Free from Micro Plastics and Toxins
  • Mineral Rich
  • Vegan

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