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Land was born with the aim of producing quality bean-to-bar chocolate that champions the world’s finest cacao and the people that grow it. From humble beginnings, Land has won numerous awards. Still made in London’s East End, it is enjoyed across the globe - from Paris to Tokyo, and of course, down the road in Bethnal Green where it all began. HERE AT LAND WE WANT BETTER Land looks to offer an alternative perspective on chocolate and what it can be. Rather than a simple sweet treat, we make chocolate to showcase the broad spectrum of flavour you can naturally find in the cocoa bean. We work with similar minded producers to build an alternative, more sustainable sourcing model for cocoa. This allows us to pay farmers 2-3 times Fairtrade price for their cocoa, meaning we get to create a quality product whilst also helping build a sustainable future for the cocoa farmers, who at the moment the majority currently live under the poverty line. Award winning single origin chocolate Unearthing natural flavour, unique to each origin Paying 2-3x Fairtrade price for cocoa

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Brand Values

  • Bean to Bar
  • Pay Farmers 2-3 times Fair Trade price
  • Sustainably Sourced

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