Heartfull's mission is simple: to create delicious snacks with bold, global flavours made from the finest natural ingredients. Nothing half-hearted! Our cashew and almond mixes are unparalleled in flavour and quality, while our sun-dried tomatoes marinated in extra virgin olive-herb oils create an intensely flavourful ingredient that elevates every dish and makes for a stand-alone snack that's impossible to resist.

Our QR codes provide recipes and inspiration to help your customers take their next dish to the next level, why not drizzle the garlic and herb oil over toasted pittas, top hummus with the sun-dried tomatoes, or use the nut seasoning over popcorn or potatoes. And we value sustainability, e.g. we provide ideas on how to upcycle our glass jars.

Founded by Divya, a former Clinical Pharmacist who combines science with her passion for flavour, our snacks are not only addictively delicious but also healthy, nutritionally beneficial, gluten-free, and vegan - indulging customer taste buds without compromising on quality or values.

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Brand Values

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

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