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Food of Gods is on a mission to build a healthier & nutritious food system, one spice at a time. Our nutrient dense & fresh harvest spices are sourced from family-run farms across Africa & Asia. Our farm partners are champions of traditional agricultural practices & are guardians of bio-diverse food forests.

Single Estate Spices: We work directly with some of the best & small regenerative farms in Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka & Ghana, and we source freshly harvested family heirlooms that are nutrient-rich & far more flavourful than commercially grown hybrid varieties.

Heirloom Spices: Heirloom seeds are nurtured by our farm partners in their very own nurseries that they take great pride in. They regard flavour above yield and the result is nutrient-rich, incredibly flavourful spices that reaches your pantry in less than 3 months after harvest, every single year

Food of Gods is stocked by some of the finest independent retailers in the UK and we are confident that your customers will love our product range.


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  • Single Estate
  • Family Business

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