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Keto Porridge began as a way to have a super healthy, nutritious and comforting meal to fuel you for the rest of your day. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals and hits all the essential macro-nutrients when trying to maintain a keto or low carb diet. It is perfect for those who are on the go as it can be prepared in just 60 seconds! With high protein and a low carb content, it’s the perfect fuel source for those trying to cut down on their carbs and still enjoy the satisfaction carbohydrates give you! Made with only natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are suitable for all! Anybody can enjoy this nutritious meal and it can be combined with other ingredients to enhance it. This is an everyday meal that just becomes part of your morning routine! Our range of keto porridges come in different flavours to ensure everyday is not the same and maintaining a keto diet is easy. Our products contain no artificial flavourings and only contain ingredients that occur in nature. If it’s not picked from a tree or grown from the ground - it’s not in our bowl!

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  • KETO
  • Nutrient Dense

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