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Hi, my name is Baba and I am passionate about cooking. I am particularly passionate about exploring different recipes for cooking or grilling.

After many years of grilling using various types of spice mixes, I decided to commercialize my hobby of grilling into a business – BABA-Q GRILL. With the start of my company came the need to brand the products I use for grilling. After numerous consultations with consumers and business partners, this evolved into a distinct homemade cooking sauce called FujiFuji sauce.

The FujiFuji name is coined from a genre of music in Nigeria called ‘Fuji’. This music is synonymous with celebration. The sauce is a combination of various spices and herbs, but the uniqueness of this sauce is how it has been combined. This sets it apart from other sauces. The combination of the sweetness and the spiciness of the sauce is unmissable.

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Brand Values

  • Small Batch
  • Vegan

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