Asilia Salt

Asilia is the UK's newest sea salt brand with authentic salt products and flavours! Asilia is a family-owned sustainable salt farm producing sea salt with the help of mother nature.

Asilia’s sea salt is produced using the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean that meander through a mosaic of pans, powered by gravity, on its journey to becoming brine with solar and wind evaporation. From the Indian Ocean to your kitchen – taking you on a journey from Pan-to-Plate!

We have an array of salt products, from salt jars to grinders, and from natural salt to naturally flavoured.

The Asilia range also features a rare salt type known as Salt Pearls that form naturally in our salt pans with the help of the Kaskazi winds.

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Brand Values

  • Family Business
  • Sustainably Sourced from the Indian Ocean

Products from Asilia Salt

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