Amboora was founded by Nadia Hamila, a British foodie of Moroccan and Tunisian descent who saw a widening gap in the market specialising in selling cooking sauces, condiments and spices which are all carefully crafted to capture the unique and vibrant flavours of Moroccan cuisine.

Amboora's products are made using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and delicious taste. Amboora introduces these time-old customs to the modern kitchen, enabling foodies, chefs, and connoisseurs to sample and experience them.

Thanks to a list of special recipes and an ever-growing product range, you can dazzle with your culinary knowledge and impress every dinner guest. Overall, Amboora is dedicated to bringing the flavours of Morocco to provide a classic or provide a unique twist to any dish.

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Brand Values

  • Family Company
  • Traditional Moroccan

Products from Amboora

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