Percival and Co

Lightly alcoholic sparkling waters in a range of natural, British-hedgerow inspired flavours.

GUILT FREE DRINKING A drink for all occasions, high in quality and low in calories, Percival & Co is a modern British drink without compromise. The perfect pick-me-up as well as an ideal session partner, our botanical infusions are lower sugar, lightly alcoholic drinks.

WHAT IS A HARD TONIC? A tonic is anything that enlivens or invigorates, and our Hard Tonics are refreshing and revitalising drinks with a lightly alcoholic edge. A premium and distinctly British take on ‘Hard Seltzer’ made using high quality natural ingredients and flavoured with hedgerow botanicals.

Our drinks are completely clean and natural. We take flavour inspiration from the British countryside and we marvel at the wild ingredients that can be found amongst it, all with their unique tastes and symbolic stories.

Percival & Co is a distinctively British brand that gives back to nature by supporting the regeneration of our country’s hedgerows. We want our customers to know that with every bottle you buy, you are also contributing to the restoration of these vital corridors.

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Brand Values

  • Sustainable
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Supporting their Environment

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