Cucina Bindaas

Family Produced Artisan Pastes Hi! I'm Nina, the Founder of Cucina Bindaas ('Boundless Kitchen'!) We produce artisan pastes inspired by our favourite regional flavours from around the world. Perfect for use as a marinade, cooking paste, or dip. Our passion is to make cooking great meals easy! We handcraft in small batches using 100% natural, quality ingredients and promote sustainable packaging. Our ingredients are 100% natural and vegetarian with no artificial preservatives.

We pride ourselves in manually blending the paste using a mortar and pestle, this technique is used to ensure the product is created in an authentic way. The crushing motion of the mortar and pestle creates an infusion of flavours from the ingredients making the paste zesty and impactful. The inconsistency of the manual crushing also leaves you with a beautifully textured paste. We produce in small batches in our Warwickshire kitchen to ensure product quality and a homemade feel!

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Brand Values

  • Independent Producer
  • Handmade
  • Traditional Recipe

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