Tea Bird Tea

Tea Bird Tea is an organic tea brand focused on delivering complimentary benefits throughout the day (morning, noon, and night). Our packaging features the eyelid for the Morning, the moon shaped cheek for the Night and of course the clock signifies Noon!

We started the brand 8 years ago in Malaysia. Our ambition was to take a household staple and make it significantly better. To make the health benefits better, make the packaging better & to make it easier to make healthy choices each day. Tea Bird tea's follow a digestion, cleanse & energise focus, using both caffeine and caffeine free blends.

Even our teabags are better – in 2016 we switched to organic corn starch teabags. We also removed the tags, strings, staples, and toxins to ensure the highest quality product and most balanced taste possible.

Sustainability is also an important part of our business, and we are proud to work with social enterprise Fugeelah (Fugeelah is a mission driven social enterprise created for children and youths seeking refuge in Malaysia).

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Brand Values

  • Organic
  • Health Focused
  • Sustainable
  • Cornstarch Tea Bags

Products from Tea Bird Tea

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