Shroton Fair Gin

Award-Winning spiced Gin, crafted by hand in the heart of rural Dorset

Creating a beautifully crafted Gin starts with using only the most luxurious ingredients. Whether it’s piney Italian juniper, aromatic Egyptian coriander, or fragrant Turkish cumin, sourcing high-quality botanicals for our 16-ingredient recipe is vital for maintaining a distinctly long finish after every sip.

We use an array of exotic botanicals, including spices from North Africa, the Middle and Far East.

We weigh out and combine 12 of these ingredients, hand-crush every individual flower, berry, root & seed, then bag the mixture by hand into porous bio-degradable bags for maceration. We believe that the increased surface area allows for the botanicals to steep the mixture in unrivalled fashion.

This mixture is left for 13 hours to macerate, before being poured into one of our 25L Copper Stills. The Gin is then vapour-distilled through a botanicals’ basket, housing kibbled Ginger, Cranberry, Lemon peel & Grapefruit ribbon. For optimum results, we make sure to leave enough space in the Still during distillation to allow the steeped spirit to bubble and churn whilst being heated. Granting this spare capacity prevents any pre-distillate or potentially nasty flavours being thrown into the final product.

After the vapour-distillation is complete, we cut down the strength of every bottle of Zummit Dry® to 42% with de-ionised water. This water has been completely cleansed of impurities, to support our 16 botanicals in wholeheartedly expressing themselves without outside interference. Every bottle is then filled and sealed by hand.


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Brand Values

  • Award-Winning
  • Small Batch
  • Made by Hand

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