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The short version because you’re probably busy cooking something ace: We started - growing high quality organic produce delivering incredible veg to local customers and great restaurants.  Then one day - someone asked why most veg stocks available weren't made mostly with veg. And what WAS in them? No one knew; so we resolved to create better. That led to - the first range of 9 Meals From Anarchy stocks. Great Taste stars. Flavour was improved nationally. A couple of years later - we met Hugh and the River Cottage team. Instant hugs all round. So then - we teamed up. Too many chefs in a kitchen is actually pretty great. New recipes. New varieties. A lot of fun. So now - Bigger, better, tastier stocks! All underpinned by - our belief that food should be as good for you and as good for the environment as possible.  And it should taste fantastic.

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