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Purity Brewing Company is an award-winning modern-day brewery established in 2005 by close friends Paul and Jim who had a desire to make a difference by producing high quality beers in a natural and sustainable way.

When Purity Brewing Company first set out their mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience, consistency, and an attention to detail, which is second to none.

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Purity is committed to brewing beer with a conscience. Their brewery practices are designed to be environmentally friendly and in the case of their unique 4.5 acre wetland system, environmentally enriching. With a combination of steam capture and heat exchangers alongside a state-of-the-art brewery technology, not only does Purity save energy though its brewing practices they save water too. It takes only 2.8 pints of water to brew 1 pint of Purity beers versus an industry average of 5.

To this day Purity’s dedication to quality, uncompromising beer has been recognised over 100 times by some of the world’s most highly regarded brewing industry bodies, including the World Beer Awards, International Brewing Awards and Good Pub Guide. Most recently Purity was voted Green Business of the Year by SIBA in 2020 for their sustainable brewing practices whilst gaining recognition for 5 of its Pure Quality Beers at the International Beer Challenge 2022. Starting Mad Goose, Purity’s 4.2% Pale took the highest accolades 9with Best Overall Ale under 5%. The awards didn’t stop there though Purity’s Organic Pure Helles Lager gained silver in the Pale Lage category, Gluten Free Session IPA was awarded Silver in the New World-Style Session IPA's category, and recently launched Fixie Nitro Stout took bronze in Coffee Stout category alongside Point Five (Purity’s 0.5% Every-Day Pale Ale) picked up Bronze in the No or Low category. With over 100 awards to its name, Purity is no stranger to picking up

Purity is a name is also synonymous with music and the arts, building a community of music followers thanks to their ongoing support for music events such as Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul, Moseley Folk, Camper Calling, 2000 Tree’s, BlueDot and Kendall Calling.

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Brand Values

  • Award Winning
  • Environmentally Friendly

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