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A smoked brisket sandwich from Prairie Fire comes with quite a backstory. You see, not only was that brisket slow smoked over oak for 16 hours, before this that cut of meat had a flight over the Atlantic and is certified USDA black Angus. Slather on Prairie Fire’s signature tomato based sauce with secret spices and molasses and you have something quite special in your hand.

Prairie Fire leaves nothing to chance and always errs on the side of quality. Quality in ingredients, preparation, presentation and service. This obsessive commitment to the best has defined the culinary career of Prairie Fire’s Chef and Pit Master Michael Gratz. As an American expat in London Michael missed the artisanal smoked meats that his hometown Kansas City elevated to high art over the past 100 years.

In 2013 PFQ was created to celebrate Kansas City style smoked meats, sauces and fixings, bringing these mouth-watering dishes to discerning and hungry Londoners. After your first taste you will agree that slow smoked, sauce heavy Kansas City Style is the apex of the ancient art of cooking with wood. The rub, the char, the smoke ring, the tenderness, the umami, the sauce, the smile and well used napkin define Prairie Fire and the future of European BBQ.

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