Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

Owen and Michelle had the dawning realisation that there was a severe lack of variety in the fresh chilli and chilli products available in the usual supermarkets and high street shops.

So they started planting a variety of chilli seeds in the hope this would satisfy their need for the chilli. Later, in the summer and with over 150 plants, they had an abundance of shapes, colours, tastes and heat.

After many experiments with flavours they emerged with 3 Sauces and 2 Jams. Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm was born. Now they have over 20 different products and over 8000 square feet of Poly Tunnels. Growing more than 2000kg of Chilli a year.

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Brand Values

  • Small Batch
  • Handmade
  • Grown and Produced on Site

Products from Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

MOQ £120.00 (£60.00 1st Order)

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