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Using organic cashews and almonds, we soak our nuts in filtered water before fermenting them with live cultures. This gut-healthy base is combined with sea salt and a mix of herbs and spices to create a flavor-packed product.

From tasty cream cheese spreads to soft and hard cheeses that have been aged over months, we have products for every charcuterie board. Our Organic Goan Cashews What makes Goan Cashew Nuts different (tasty and crunchy) from the rest? Goa is the only place where every nut is handpicked from the cashew fruit. Harvesting occurs only when the fruit has fully ripened and naturally fallen to the ground, thus enhancing the taste of the nuts. This contrasts with harvesting practices in other Indian states, where the fruit is often picked prematurely and sun-drying is required to obtain the nut. Clear link to the Goan community - sourcing from processors with full transparency and control across the whole chain.

Our Organic Almonds Using regenerative farming practices, 250 different farmers in Spain sustainably produce almonds for the Almendrehesa Association. The association then supplies these almonds to Food and Forest, a Borough Market social enterprise, where we purchase our supply from. Food and Forest aim to not only generate demand for agroforestry produce but also work to reduce the amount of soil erosion in the UK through nut tree planting.

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Brand Values

  • Vegan
  • Family Business
  • Sustainable

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