Paisley Drinks Company

Paisley Drinks Co produce high quality craft soda proudly made in Scotland, using the best natural ingredients and real fruit flavours. They have created a unique range of products as a delicious alternative to the sugary and artificially sweetened fizzy drinks of the big brands.

Championing the ‘Real Soda Revolution’, their flavours include Very Berry Raspberry Lemonade, Dreamy Strawberry Snowball, Mystical Rhubarb Cream Soda, Darkest Blueberry Ginger, Fiery Ginger Beer and Zesty Lemon & Lime Soda. Paisley Drinks Company premium sodas are locally made, distinctive to taste and refreshing to drink.

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Brand Values

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Real Fruit Flavours

Products from Paisley Drinks Company

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