Hungry Scarecrow

Brilliant, bake-your-own, gluten-free bread and pizza mixes. Filled with sackfuls of ancient-grain flavour, heaps of artisanal flair, and zero nasties. Just add yeast – or baking powder if that’s your thing. ​

Hungry Scarecrow is for bread enthusiasts. You get all that lovely taste and texture, the crust and the crumb, without the additives designed to boost commercial bakers’ profits. You bake it yourself, just how you like it. ​

I’m Barbara Richardson; I used to be a chef so I know there are better ways to bake proper tasty bread. Which is why I put my heart and soul into Hungry Scarecrow. ​At Hungry Scarecrow we pride ourselves on wholesome innovation.

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Brand Values

  • Gluten Free
  • Ancient Grains
  • Additive Free

Products from Hungry Scarecrow

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