Harry's Nut Butter

Harry's Nut Butter was born and raised in the Fumbally café in Dublin 8 where Harry was working as a chef. The original started out life as the house nut butter, just going out with rounds of toast and he started to notice people going bananas over it and demolishing the jars one after another.

Harry started selling it at market stalls but before it even got a chance to get going, the pandemic stopped all trading face to face. The incredible stockists we work with today came to the rescue and started selling the nut butter all over the country and took it to the next level.

Now there's way more than just Harry in Harry's Nut Butter. We're a mixed bag of cooks, baristas, musicians, letterpress printers and engineers who are all most passionately buzzed by good food and drink and putting more flavoured peanut butter out there in the world.

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Brand Values

  • Natural
  • Chef Developed

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