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Borough Broth Company was created in 2015 by founding broth lady, Ros, upon discovering the benefits of bringing bone broth into her lifestyle, set out to buy a tasty pre-made broth so there wasn’t always the need to have bones boiling away in the kitchen.

After finding that quality, small-batch bone broths made with delicious, organic ingredients (but without additives and preservatives) simply didn’t exist, Ros set out to make her own.

After experimenting in her kitchen and selling locally, Ros caught the eye of Selfridges Food Hall and the brand was born. The recipe was a hit and, although we have since added a whole selection to our range, our original Organic Chicken Bone Broth recipe has never changed (and it’s still free-range, organic and additive-free!)

We use only organic British bones, spring water, organic vegetables and a few carefully selected seasonings to create a delicious pouch of goodness. A great source of protein and natural collagen, our slow-cooked broths bring you the comforting taste of homemade in a handy pouch.

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Brand Values

  • Organic
  • Free Range
  • Additive Free
  • Great Source of Protein

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